Consumer Behaviour in the Next Normal

The Covid 19 pandemic has disrupted the all routine in day-to-day life. Now people are living differently, buying differently and in many ways, thinking differently. Consumers are looking at products and services through a different angle.

Behavioural science tells about identifying consumers’ new beliefs, habits, and moments is central to driving behavioural change. As a business consultant, I have identified new consumer habits formed during this crisis; It has permanently changed how and where they shop, and how they live and work.

Consumers are more fearful of the economic impact of COVID-19 than for their health. Most of them worried about job security and personal financial impact. However, companies need to understand how consumers are engaging and develop proper marketing strategies to reach them.

Consumer requirements have limited to the most basic needs, such as hygiene, and purchases some of the fast-moving consumer goods. A "buy local" trend will accelerate in the coming months. Also, consumers online shopping behaviour will increase day by day. Consumers are more concern about what they’re buying. They are striving to limit the waste, costly items and move with sustainable options


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