How to Challenge for Disruptive Changers

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Sometimes, big or small, companies can’t see disruptive changes coming. Sometimes, they may see,

but do they lack resources to confront them? Most of the companies have talented managers and specialists, strong product portfolios, average technological know-how. What managers lack is a habit of thinking about individual people’s capabilities on how to match organization capabilities.

Despite beliefs spawned by popular change-management and business process reengineering programs, the business processes are not nearly as flexible to adapt the changes as you think. Therefore, when addressing sustaining or disruptive innovations, an organization needs new processes and values because it needs new management capabilities to create a new organizational space. There are possible ways as follows.

* Create new organizational structures to get space in which new processes can be developed,

* Start an independent organization or unit from the existing organization and develop within it the new processes and values required to solve the new problem.


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