Is the Indian economy collapsed by COVID 19?

The country went into lockdown on March 25, 2020, to until May 3, 2020 with 1.3 billion people.India's quarterly GDP was estimated to a decline of over 9% between April and June 2020. COVID 19 hits the India’s dreams by making them unemployment around 24-25% (over 10 million) during the period.

Indian's plan was entirely different from what they are now in. They have planned to reduce poverty and making them to a middle-class lifestyle, mega-development of power and energy sector and become a regional superpower by challenging to China.

But it is not an ordinary issue, since China’s is growing again. most of the Economists say India in the risks of losing its place as the world’s fifth-largest economy as a result of People has no money. Investors aren’t going to invest because there is no market. How large population can fulfil their basic needs, can the Indian government provide something free to survive until economy boost?


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