New Criteria for Market Segmentation

You should discard the old segmentation methods. I think that demography is always the best way of looking at new markets. The demographic premise implies that differences in reasons for buying, in brand choice influences, in the frequency of use, or it will be reflected in differences in age, sex, income, and geographical location. But sometimes, this is usually not true.

Marketers should identify essential differences in buyer attitudes, motivations, values, usage patterns, aesthetic preferences, or degree of susceptibility. You have to understand that these may have no demographic correlatives. Above all, we must never assume in advance that we know the best way of looking at a market.

You have to understand that you are not dealing with different types of people; you are dealing with differences in peoples’ values. A customer may buy soap because it is the cheapest available may want to buy the most expensive perfume. By segmenting markets based on the values, purposes, needs, and attitudes relevant to the product is the best way to segment.


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