Shift in Marketing Trends- in COVID 19

By now, we have to understand the severity of the pandemic that we are going through. Businesses are shutting up shops and economies are crashing. There are still many uncertainties in the next few months which will impact the business community, both professionally and personally, so it is essential to look at both spectrums to make wise decisions about our business.

Consumer Behaviour Shift

People are working from home, learning online and their spending more time online than usual. Since our customers are always online, it is required to change the advertising patterns and change channel strategy to reach customers. However, in the restricted budget in Covid 19 period, Advertising expenditure need to put on a continuous check, ensuring the decreasing cost per impressions across impression-based advertising platforms.

As many people remain in their homes, they will prefer to purchase delivery services like PitzaHut, UberEats, Cargils, Keels and Pickme are likely to see increases in demand due to their ability to deliver products and services directly to the consumer’s doorstep.

Marketing Strategy Shift

We have to adapt to changing scenarios shift. As per the behavioural changers, online and TV activity will increase, and you can reach target users during this time by investing more in television, digital, and direct mail advertising.

In this difficult period, you have to understand that people are losing their loved ones, and many are suffering significant monetary issues. However, try to see the silver lining and re-strategize your marketing strategy. Make use of all the possible opportunities and leveraging suitable channels to connect with prospects and customers. Remember that sometimes a small change will make a big difference.


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