What is Hybrid-augmented intelligence

While Artificial Intelligence has been around for decades, we are witnessing a new generation of solutions. The primary objective of artificial intelligence (AI) is to make machines learn and think like human beings. Due to the high levels of uncertainty in human life and the nature of problems that humans are facing, machines are, unable to completely replace humans. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce human cognitive capabilities into AI systems to develop a new form of AI, that is called hybrid-augmented intelligence.

Hybrid-augmented intelligence can be divided into two basic models.

1.Human-in-the-loop augmented intelligence with human-computer collaboration( HITL)

2. Cognitive computing-based augmented intelligence (CC)

Hybrid-augmented intelligence can be achieved by adding an important characteristic of human intelligence such as comprehensive utilization of information attained from various forms of perception, including vision, language, and auditory sense, to enable recognition, inference, design, creation, and prediction. Also, the Internet provides an immense innovation space for HITL hybrid-augmented intelligence.

Hybrid-augmented intelligence based on CC can solve the problems of planning and reasoning. However, Hybrid-augmented intelligence is one of the essential directions for the growth of AI.


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