Work Study ( Time & Motion Study)

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Productivity has now become an everyday watchword. It is crucial to the welfare of the industrial firm as well as for the economic progress of the country. High productivity refers to doing the work in a shortest possible time with least expenditure on inputs without sacrificing quality and with minimum wastage of resources

Work-study forms the basis for work system design. The purpose of work design is to identify the most effective means of achieving necessary functions. This work-study aims at improving the existing and proposed ways of doing work and establishing standard times for work performance. Work-study is encompassed by two techniques, i.e., method study and work measurement.

There is a close link between the method study and work measurement. Method study is concerned with the reduction of the work content and establishing the one best way of doing the job whereas work measurement is concerned with investigation and reduction of any ineffective time associated with the job and establishing time standards for an operation carried out as per the standard method.

Productivity is the quantitative relation between what we produce and we use as a resource to produce them, i.e., the arithmetic ratio of the amount produced (output) to the number of resources (input). Productivity can be expressed as:

Productivity = Output /Input

Productivity refers to the efficiency of the production system. It is the concept that guides the management of the production system. It is an indicator of how well the factors of production (land, capital, labour and energy) are utilised

A major problem with productivity is that it means many things to many people. Economists determine it from Gross National Product (GNP), managers view it as cost-cutting and speed up, engineers think of it in terms of more output per hour. But the generally accepted meaning is that it is the relationship between goods and services produced and the resources employed in their production.

Our consultants are having wider experience of work-study and we have increased productivity in several organizations in Sri Lanka.


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